BLAKE PENNINGTON - Online Personal Training

Why twelve months?

The problem with a short progarm is that it's too many habits all at once. You may get some quick results, but you're left with no plan after the trainer is gone. Twelve months is important because it allows us to start slow, building one habit at a time and building on those habits one after the other. 

Do I have to train with you for the entire twelve months?

I ask for a three month minimum commitment. If after three months you're not getting value out of the program, or something comes up in your life warranting the need to discontinue, we can terminate the program.

How is online training different than training in the gym?

When you're training with a trainer in a gym, they are physically present with you guiding you through the exercise session. You pay them for their time, instruction, and accountability for that particular session. Online training is different in the sense that I'm not there with you, but the same in that I'm holding you accountable to your workout sessions and performing the program that I've laid out for you. Online training is also more flexible for your schedule because YOU decide when you will be exercising, and I'll be right there keeping you accountable to it. 

Is online training more affordable than in-person training? 

Absolutely. My hourly rate for in-person training is $55 per hour. If you trained with me three days a week for a year, that comes out to $8,580 (or $715 monthly), compared to the $150 a month you pay for online training. 

Why is the first month $250 instead of $150? 

The first month is more expensive because it requires more of my time as I get to know you and build the program around your lifestyle. 

What's your training philosophy? 

If you're looking for quick results, I'm probably not for you. Slow and steady wins the race every time. If you're looking to increase your bench press, squat, or power clean, I'm probably not for you either and joining a Crossfit gym would probably be a better option. If you're teachable, have a desire to eat better nutritionally, you've got some fat to lose, and want to gain strength and increase your overall health at the same time, then I think we will work very well together!