"I started working with Blake three months after having a baby. I had not exercised regularly in years and was incredibly out of shape. He was encouraging, motivating, and met me where I was to set goals for my fitness. His workouts are creative and challenging so no two workouts are the same. The diversity kept me committed and having fun. Blake is clearly educated and an expert on fitness. He knows exactly what works and how to tailor workouts to reach your goals. After three months of working with Blake I had lost all of my baby weight and more. After six months I had lost 6% body fat and was training for a half marathon. More than meeting my physical goals, I fell in love with fitness while working with Blake."

--Olivia, Higher Education

"I have trained under Blake for a year and have loved the challenging workouts and the atmosphere of friendship. I am very pleased with the strength and endurance I have gained in my training sessions. Blake's workouts are always challenging and will push your body to work harder than you thought you could. I would recommend Blake as a personal trainer to everyone, he will help you succeed in a healthier lifestyle and get you the results you want!"

--Anna, Cosmetology

“I started working with Blake in October 2013. When we started I weighed 265 pounds and had 36% body fat. I was 56 years old and had already had a shoulder and a hip replaced. Needless to say I was not in very good shape. Blake was very positive and encouraging from day one. In spite of my physical limitations he was able to create a workout for me that produced results. As I got in better shape he would constantly change the workout to continue to challenge me. Blake came to my home two to three times a week. The only equipment we used were a set of dumbbells, a set of resistance bands and a bench. It was amazing what exercises Blake could come up with using those three things. After six months of working with Blake I weighed 235 pounds and had 29% body fat.I really miss Blake coming to my home but I have been able to maintain my workout routine using his online program. I would highly recommend Blake to anyone that is committed to improving their physical fitness! Regardless if you work with Blake at a gym, in your home or you use his online program you can and will get results!”

--Mike, Financial Advisor

"I have been training under Blake for almost a year and have been thrilled with the unique and ever-changing workouts he prepares and the results from the workouts. Blake has done an amazing job of creating an encouraging environment where I'm challenged to do my very best. He modifies exercises when necessary and gives helpful feedback during exercise to make sure I'm maintaining good form and getting the most from each movement. Training with Blake has been a great experience and I have seen great improvement in my core, strength, and stamina!!"

--Julie, Higher Education

"Okay folks, here is the low down of Blake Pennington, he knows his stuff and he will change you, I promise. I have been working with Blake for over 6 months and our results are outstanding. I am 55, have always been in pretty good shape until……well…..the 40’s hit. I needed help. I am not a gym rat, so Blake and I set up a time at my home where he has transformed me into a fit human being. I feel better about myself, can lift things, move things, walk, and hike or take part in any other physical activity that truly comes to mind. I plan on continuing my workouts with Blake. If you are on the fence, take a leap of faith, your body with thank you."

--Andy, Restaurateur

"I'm a 26 year old women that was looking to lose some weight but improve my over all strength and health. What I found in Blake was a fun workout with achievable goals. The fitness assessment he takes you through proves your results and motivates you to continue. Over the last 15 months I have been challenged and as a result lost weight, am stronger than ever and love resistance training. The diverse workout kept me from plateauing and continuing to improve my BMI. Blake is an excellent pick in guiding you through your fitness goals."

--Katie, Realtor

"It will be hard to replace Blake. Not too many humble, knowledgeable, encouraging, challenging, trainers full of integrity walking around. I can actually see the results from training with Blake. I am stronger and leaner. Blake is very positive and encouraging and personal. He is always challenging me and making sure that I'm pushing my body to its limit while always cautious of injury. I highly recommend him."

--Ginger, Marketing Consultant

"When I started working with Blake, I had recently started on a weight loss journey. I began working with Blake Pennington to add exercise and fitness to that plan. Blake has been such an inspiration. He always had new workouts planned. There was never a time I was bored with a routine, because he always worked so hard to keep challenging me. Not only did I lose weight, I have developed lean muscle. Blake was always patient and encouraging. It has been a privilege to work with Blake. With his help, I feel so much better! Thank you Blake!!"

--Stephanie, R.N.

"I received direct results in one month in my strength and weight when training with Blake. I learned how to balance healthy eating and a daily workout routine into my busy schedule. The workouts were challenging but fun, and I usually did extra cardio on my own after my sessions because I was so motivated. I highly recommend Blake. He is motivating, knowledgeable, and individually goal-oriented. He has high standards and kept me accountable through positive reinforcement."

--Jenny, Pharmaceuticals 

“I am a woman in my 50's striving, as so many mid-lifers do, to maintain vitality and health. for twenty years or more I performed aerobic exercise and never embraced resistance training, jhowever, until Blake Pennington inspired me. Just 90 days after my weight training sessions started, changes were revealed in muscle size and muscle tone. Within 180 days, my overall strength had doubled and my LDL cholesterol level dropped. Blake really helped me to reach my maximum potential in fitness. I learned that targeted muscle training works, and I feel healthier." 

--Catherine, University Professor