Accepting clients on a limited basis for my 6 month program

Why do people hire me as their coach?


Because I get results. I've helped...
  • A financial adviser lose 30 lbs and 7% of body fat in six months.
  • A high school football player lose 46 lbs in 10 months.
  • A pharmacist double her strength and lower her cholesterol in six months.
  • A new mom lose all her baby weight and 6% of body fat in six months.

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As your trainer I will...

  • Help you achieve your health goals faster than you could on your own

  • Hold you accountable to your nutritional goals

  • Provide the right exercise program conducive to your schedule

  • Instruct you on how to perform safe exercises with good form

  • Provide you with a written program that you get to keep and do on your own

As your health coach I will...

  • Ask the right questions to uncover the right plan for you

  • Help you establish a better relationship with food and a healthier lifestyle

  • Meet you right where you are and start there, not 10 steps ahead

  • Care for your long term success, not just the time you work with me

  • Teach you how to take pleasure and joy in movement, rather than a chore

  • Teach you the necessary steps to feel better physically and emotionally

  • Teach you how to implement sustainable eating and lifestyle habits

  • Provide a framework for implementing other healthy habits

I'm Blake, certified personal trainer and health coach. 

I help clients burn fat, get stronger, and feel better so they can kick butt at life, work, and at home.


 Are you ready to change your life?

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